ASA Through the Years


In the spring of 2017 the new board of the ASA was elected, and throughout the summer we thought  hard about how to to reinvigorate the Arab presence on campus. To express our commitment, we created a new logo for the association and updated our Facebook page, which is now verified.


Apart from having a calendar stacked with exciting activities throughout the year, we introducing new, unprecedented opportunities for students to get involved with as we strive to bring together as many Arab students as possible on campus. We have opened new board positions for graduate students to better involve Arabs across Yale’s graduate and professional schools and announced our plan to launch Yale's first annual Arab Conference to be held in the Spring. The basic premise of the conference is to invite prominent policy makers, entrepreneurs and academics who come from or are engaged with the Arab world to speak about pressing issues the Middle East currently faces and to discuss the future of this indispensable region from the perspective of politics, economics, history, education, health, social justice and other critical themes.

2017-2018 Executive Board

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