Women’s Rights: Beyond the Stereotyped Arab Woman

Maya Alkateb-Chami, Mona El-Naggar and Rima Maktabi. Moderated by Professor Eda Pepi.

The Arab woman: Conservative. Works at home. Oppressed. Marginalized. Held back. This panel will discuss the various stereotypes frequently ascribed to Arab women, emanating from within and without the Arab world. We will explore some of the challenges that exist for women in the region and how stereotypes play to them. This panel will also explore how women are challenging the traditional customs and roles imposed by society and note the activism that is taking place beyond the borders of the region to inspire change.

* * *

America’s Role in the Middle East

Nancy Youssef, Amb. Robert S. Ford and Amb. Ryan Crocker. Moderated by Professor Emma Sky.

The U.S. has many policy questions to answer in the Middle East. President Trump’s controversial decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has sown distrust in America’s role as an honest broker in the peace process. The Syrian Civil War enters its seventh year, with Russia and Iran only solidifying their grip in the conflict. The Saudi-led war in Yemen has entered its third year, increasing the death toll, even as KSA continues to use American weaponry. This panel will explore some of these Middle East challenges, the role of U.S. diplomacy, and the policy dilemmas that accompany them.

* * *

Refugees: Paths for Engagement

Ahmed Badr, Chris George, Lorna Solis, Mohamed Hafez and Professor Rana Dajani. Moderated by Professor Catherine Panter-Brick.

In 2014 the Syrian refugee crisis captivated the world’s attention. Today, refugees who make it to the United States continue to face many hardships, not least in the fields of employment and education. This panel will address refugee issues in the United States and abroad and how local initiatives in New Haven are working towards empowering and celebrating the refugees in our midst. Come listen to activists, academics, and non-profit leaders who are passionate about elevating the role of refugees in society today through art, social entrepreneurship and educational opportunities!