Conference Schedule

Building Directory:

WLH: William L. Harkness Hall, 100 Wall St., New Haven CT 06511

SSS: Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, 1 Prospect St., New Haven CT 06511

Friday April 20th


WLH 116


SSS 114


SSS 114


SSS 114


SSS 114


(Snacks will be available)

Opening Remarks by Shady Qubaty '20, Conference Co-Director.


Opening Keynote Address
Dr. Salam Fayyad, Former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority.
Followed by a discussion with Ms. Jenifer Fenton, Poynter (Journalism) Fellow-in-Residence at Yale.



Followed by desserts and a presentation on Sanctuary Kitchen

EXCLUSIVE Contemporary Arab Film Screening: Soufra

A film that made it to Berlinale'18 and is going to be screened at Yale before Cannes! View the trailer here

Followed by a virtual Q&A with the director, Mr. Thomas Morgan.

Saturday April 21st


SSS 114


SSS 114


Residential College Dining Halls


Old Campus


WLH 007




SSS 114


SSS 114


SSS 114


SSS 114


SSS 114



SSS 114

Breakfast with an Innovator

Talk with Ali Chehade, founder and CEO of The Dream Matcher. Breakfast reception.  

Panel 1: Women’s Rights – Beyond the Stereotyped Arab Woman
Maya Alkateb-Chami, Mona El-Naggar and Rima Maktabi. Moderated by Professor Eda Pepi.


Speaker Lunch Series: guests who have signed up beforehand for this special series (first come, first serve) will have lunch with speakers in the private dining rooms of residential college dining halls.

Multicultural Festival
In collaboration with Refugee and Immigrant Student Education (RISE)

There will be a variety of dance and music performers as well as a fashion show. Food stalls will be available for refreshments and snacks free of charge. Booths at the festival will offer attendees the chance to try henna, calligraphy, paper lantern making and glass painting.

Arab Student Associations Leadership Forum*

Creating a common platform for Arab Student Associations across the country to communicate together more effectively. *Event for representatives from ASAs. 

Panel 2: America’s Role in the Middle East

Nancy Youssef, Amb. Robert S. Ford and Amb. Ryan Crocker. Moderated by Professor Emma Sky.

Pizza Dinner

Refugee Initiatives by students at Yale

Presentations by representatives of Refugee and Immigrant Student Education (RISE), Yale Refugee Project (YRP), Yale Rotaract and No Lost Generation (NLG). 

Panel 3: Refugees – Paths for Engagement

Ahmed Badr, Chris George, Lorna Solis, Mohamed Hafez and Professor Rana Dajani. Moderated by Professor Catherine Panter-Brick.


Afikra Talks

Two 30-minute afikra | عفكرة talks will be given by Mikey Muhanna, afikra Founder & Executive Director and Todd Fine, President of the Washington Street Historical Society. An Arab tea and coffee break will be in between.

Closing Remarks by Shady Qubaty '20, Conference Co-Director.