'Amalna: Paving the Road Ahead' will be an unprecedented, international conference on the Middle East which will take place at Yale University on April 20th-21st 2018.


 We aim to promote a positive outlook on the future for the Arab world — to show our hope (Amalna) for a region that can thrive despite the violence and destruction so often associated with it. The primary objective of the conference is to enhance the ASA’s role as a campus and region-wide platform for engagement between Yale and the Arab World. The multidisciplinary conference will feature experts, decision-makers and leaders from the fields of foreign policy, higher education, migration, innovation, youth empowerment, culture, public policy, public health and women’s rights – transnational leaders who are harnessing the potential of the Arab metropolitan network to ensure a sustainable, integrated regional future.


The conference will consist of three panels and a keynote, to provide a holistic, multi-faceted discussion of the Arab World today including its social and educational realities, needs, and potential future trajectories.  Our panel topics are ‘Women’s Rights: Beyond the Stereotyped Arab Woman,’ ‘America’s Role in the Middle East’ and ‘Refugees: Paths for Engagement.’

In addition to the panels, we have numerous planned activities including an Exclusive Contemporary Arab Film Screening of Soufra along with a virtual Q&A with the director, Thomas Morgan, a Multicultural Festival, a Lunch with Speakers Series, Afikra Talks, an Art Exhibition and many more exciting events.

About the Conference


The 2018 Yale Arab Conference would not have been able to go forward without the invaluable support of our sponsors.

Yale College

Dean's Discretionary Fund

Yale College Council

We are incredibly thankful for the efforts of the student organizations at Yale that collaborated with us to make this conference possible.